Raising Happy Healthy Babies is packed with easy to understand nutritional information for mom, baby and toddler. The foundation for your child’s long term health and wellness starts before you are even pregnant – learn how to nourish your body preconception, during pregnancy and as a new mom for optimum health and well being for both you and your baby. And once you are holding your little one in your arms let Raising Happy Healthy Babies help guide you as you breast or formula feed, start solids, tickle tiny taste buds, and raise a happy healthy baby.

The book includes detailed information for each stage of development as well as 95 recipes for mom, baby and toddler.

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Slowing Down

Life is moving at a crazy speed around here lately. So much happening and it is sometimes hard to enjoy it all. With that in mind I will be taking a little break from this space. During my absence I do hope you will look around, read some past posts and maybe find a recipe […]

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Putting Food Up

Do you put food up for the winter? Do you freeze? Can? Ferment? For years now have been putting food up for the winter, there is something so amazing about eating local raspberries in the cold days of January or enjoying pesto made with garden ingredients from our backyard – summer in a bowl in […]

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Parenting involves making choices. In fact choices begin the moment most women discover they are pregnant. There are choices in regards to your labour support team. There are choices regarding your birth. Once the baby arrives every corner you turn you are face to face with choices. Choices are good. Each and every parent has […]

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Carrot Zucchini Bread

We have been in baking mode big time around here lately. You see my little man loves to bake, and that makes this mama pretty happy. Reece pretty much just loves being in the kitchen and I couldn’t be happier about that. With a few zucchini hanging around the kitchen from our garden the last […]

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