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Posted by admin | Blog | Thursday 22 September 2011 8:01 pm

The world of Twitter continues to amaze me. I have recently connected with Alysia Reiner on Twitter and am very excited to bring you a special guest post from her today. Alysia is an award winning actress, producer, mother, humanitarian, and outspoken environmentalist. Hope you enjoy her post!

Last week my sweet girl slept a few extra minutes at nap time , and I had a moment to breathe and it was lovely. After a cup of tea, I opened the fridge for some snack time inspiration. We had had a lunch light on veggies, so I wanted to make something super green. I got creative and made this:

I was inspired by a conversation we had on the way home about the lilies outside the car window, and how we pretended they were laughing, and we giggled our way home. I hoped if I brought up the laughing lilies, she would be psyched to mangia.

I used white asparagus as stems, avocado for leaves, cucumber for the hill, and baby yellow & red tomatoes & carrots for the flowers. Then I made a ‘lake’ of yummy leftover tomato mushroom sauce from dinner nite before for dipping

It’s always so scary when you take the time to make something fun & special, will they hate it? Will I take it personally? but she loved it! And we giggled our way thru snack, she ate everything except she was not crazy about the white asparagus raw ( she loves it cooked).

I always know it’s a hit when it’s requested the next day, so here is day two of Laughing Lilies

Again, eaten all up. This day I didn’t do any dip, but you can always play with a hummus, yogurt, nut butter, anything!

I think my favourite part of this was we laughed so much, we made silly voices for the lilies, and connected so much – the bonus was eating raw veggies without any effort.

Wishing you giggling snack times galore.

Thanks so much Alysia, great post! You can connect with Alysia on Twitter at @alysiareiner and please take some time to visit her site.

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